DISCWOMAN 14 x Juliana Huxtable

2015 Victoria Jesionek 5

Somewhere/sometime in the depths of a Brooklyn after hours Juliana decided she was down to do a mix for us of the techno variety, I say variety because this mix really doesn’t fit cleanly into anything but nor does anything she produces/creates which is what is important here. Juliana has essentially created her own lane locally and globally it’s hard to draw comparisons to her DJ and production style which very much applies to this trip of a techno mix. While listening it felt easy to reflect on the darkness and insanity of this past year with both a smile and a tear. Be prepared for your emotions to go ham in the most cathartic way. Q&A and mix below:

Tell us about this mix:
An experiment in rythm with occasional breaks with spoken vocals

When did you start djing?
2011 was my first gig. I was organizing an after party for fashion week and didn’t have enough budget to hire an additional dj so I decided to open myself and I got 2 other gigs that night.

Favorite party ever played:
Shock Value in Pittsburgh for VIA festival this past summer, one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

Fave DJ:
Total Freedom, Ma Nguzu, Anthony Dicapua, Abby, Joey Labeija, Perc, Paula Temple

Fave producer:
I love Toxe, Kamixlo, Paula Temple, Future, Cut Hands

Pet peeve when DJing:
Being asked to play Beyonce.

Place you’d like to play:
This gay club in Istanbul my friend took me to 3 years ago.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I give all of that away in my work so it’s there for the taking.