DISCWOMAN 30 x Trillnatured

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​Photo credit: Audrey Gatewood

Trillnatured is one of Baltimore’s upcoming underground DJs, representing Balti Gurls a collective promoting queer POC artists. Her party “Version” that happens at The Crown just won the Baltimore City Paper award for best party in the city! Her mix for us gives us all the genres but none of it lacks any heart. Rocking between club, dancehall, house music and much more we’re given a window into Trillnatured’s expansive way of approaching DJing without limiting herself leaving us with a mix that keeps us smiling and vibing throughout.

Tell us about this mix:
This mix is a collection of a few of my favorite genres to play: house, afrobeat, and club music, and a few sounds in between. It features fresh tracks from some of my favorite artists, and I’ve been dropping most of them in just about all one of my latest sets.

When did you start DJing?
I started DJing in 2014.

First gig:
My first gig was an open mic that Blaqstarr invited me to play at the last minute. I was still working up to playing in public at that point, but when he hit me up, I decided it was time to just go for it. I got great feedback that night, and it felt amazing. I actually walked out of my job the next day. I haven’t stopped since.

Favorite party ever played:
Definitely, KAHLON. It was a groundbreaking Baltimore party series run by Abdu Ali, Lawrence Burney and others. KAHLON uplifts Blackness and queerness. I was so psyched to play it.

Fave DJ:
Oh man, there are so many. But to name a few: The late K-Swift, Blaqstarr, UNIIQU3, MikeQ, Byrell The Great, UNIIQU3, and DJ Pancakes, a Baltimore-based DJ who I’m a fan of.

Fave producer:
DJ Sliink, UNIIQU3, KAYTRANADA, and LSDXOXO. As you can see, “Favorite” questions are hard for me—I can’t pick just one!

Pet peeve when DJing:
People trying to engage me in full-on conversation while I’m mixing. It’s rough out here.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
I overheard someone talking as I was packing up after a set. They were talking about how they danced non-stop while I played, and they said “I haven’t felt that good about myself in a long time.”

Place you’d like to play:

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I love cheese, I’m a Scorpio, and I truly, truly DJ for the love of it.

DISCWOMAN 27 x Laurel Halo

KB_4_Laurel_Halo_Dust_00_Credit_Phillip Aumann

laurel halo, one of the pioneers of the current electronic music scene, has done a discwoman mix y’all. it’s utterly riveting and wish it was hours longer as in never-ending. enjoy, your welcome, this fucking rules. she also just released her new album “dust” on hyperdub that hits the heart, critics are losing their minds <3 she'll be playing 3 shows in NYC this weekend, lucky you (if you even live here lol). check out her Q&A and mix below:

tell us about this mix
this mix is somewhere between club and listening, heavy on melody, style jumping & perc-happy

when did you start djing?
i started out as a freeform dj on WCBN-FM 88.3 in ann arbor. i stopped doing radio for a long time but picked it back up with a regular show on berlin community radio when i moved here. though i’ve played live in clubs, club djing only came more recently, a couple years ago, after getting over any irrational fear.

first gig:
a house party

favorite party ever played:
have played a handful of great parties at ohm. great times at freerotation, golden pudel, trance party, cosie’s

fave DJ:
too many to choose from, & sometimes the best is to find out who the incredible dj is after the fact, rather than going in with an expectation. seeing avamix (ikonika & scratcha dva) dj on a tank last summer through the streets of berlin was wild

fave producer:
i suppose here i could touch on the greatness of susan rogers, prince’s longtime studio engineer …

pet peeve when djing:
bad sound, drunk creeps

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
i’m lucky my music has helped people through crises, that’s the most special feedback to get

place you’d like to play:
in the countryside, or somewhere on the beach

something you want everyone to know about you:
excited to dive into my copy of steph kretowicz’s new book

KB_3_Laurel_Halo_Dust_06_Credit_Phillip Aumann

DISCWOMAN 26 x mobilegirl


mobilegirl is our first international DJ to join our roster y’all, grew up in Munich but resides in Berlin, this mix marks her first ever time playing in NYC. She treats us with a 45 minute taster of sounds including some of her own fire productions that will leave you nothing short of enthralled. Check out her mix and Q&A below!

tell us about this mix
I wanted to make a mix that is most representative of what I’ve been playing as club sets over the years but using new tracks. I usually tend to put together really different things when I sit at home and work on music because I’m really affected by my direct surroundings and this applies to my own productions as well that you can hear towards the end of the mix. Some parts are quite playful but overall I feel like it paints the right picture.

when did you start djing?
I think summer or fall of 2014

first gig:
It was a b2b with Mechatok in a small club in Munich where we both properly tried out CDJs for the first time.

Favorite party ever played:
This is a tough one, there’s been so many. I think the whole Asia Tour has been my biggest highlight so far.

Fave DJ:
Noone smashes hot cues like Kablam and she’s been really supportive from very early on. Playing b2b with her is always the most fun and taught me a lot.

Pet peeve when djing:
Sticky cue buttons and loose link cables

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Someone told me listening to my music helped them through hard times. That really made me feel like doing all of this has a greater purpose. Same as when (South) East Asian women tell me they’re happy to see me perform because they barely ever feel represented otherwise.

Place you’d like to play:
I skipped Japan on the tour that I mentioned before so definitely that.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I love Chinatown

DISCWOMAN 25 x Lakuti & Tama Sumo


For the first ever time Lakuti, founder of Uzuri Recordings and Tama Sumo, Berghain/Panorama Bar resident, go b2b for an online mix, and couldn’t be more honored to be the ones who get to host it at Discwoman! They played our party in NYC back in December, which was such a beautiful time and so stoked to extend those vibes into this 2 hour mix that spans genres like no other and blends genres like no other. Find out more about Tama and Lakuti via the interview we did for them back in December, but for now we suggest you listen to this immediately and check out their quick q&a below. Gift from the gods y’all!

tell us about this mix
We selected music that we love from across the board really. From Nicole Willis to Dj Spinna to Tony Allen to some cheeky edits that we have done for our use plus more up-tempo stuff. How we would generally approach a live dj set really.

when did you start djing?
Tama Sumo: I started djing in 1993 in a bar in berlin kreuzberg called Drama. It was one of the very few bars at that time that had djs – mainly Fridays and Saturdays. It also was one of THE places where people went for a warm up before they moved on to the clubs later at night. I had my first residency there which meant I played there three saturdays per month with my friend Holger aka DJ Phierce, the person who also is responsible for me djing (thank you Holger!) Many people who were involved in clubs went there on a regular basis, my residency at Drama was the route to then playing in some of the Berlin clubs and in 1994 or 1995 I started my residency at Globus / Tresor. I also went on to play at Ostgut which was the predecessor to Berghain/Panorama Bar and finally a residency @ Berghain/Panorama into the present.

Lakuti: I dabbled in playing records back in Johannesburg in 92 when some friends and I briefly established a small club Called Planet Hendon. I made the move to london in 1997 and played different clubs there and events and went on to establish the Süd electronic parties where I was 1 of the residents. Those parties went on to run for 11 yrs.

pet peeve when djing
Equipment that is not looked after properly, dirty & worn slipmats, bad monitors, bad needles and unhelpful technicians, inferior sound quality.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
People are generally sweet but to be honest we don’t normally sit and think about this. We are not very good with nor interested in the celebrity cult that comes with djing to be honest, would rather let the music be the focal point. What makes us happy is seeing a room full of people coming together in harmony & that is the power of music .

place you’d like to play:
We would love to connect a lot more with the african continent, so much magic out there that we want to explore.

something you want everyone to know about you
Tama Sumo: Lakuti is a very accomplished cook and loves cooking and I feel spoilt.
Lakuti: Tama Sumo makes the best Jerk Chicken in the whole of Germany which is probably not very hard lol. But seriously her jerk chicken, rice & peas and her cucumber & fresh coconut salsa is just pure fire!

DISCWOMAN 24 x Ash Lauryn


We first heard about Ash Lauryn through our friend Aloiso, and so thankful for being made aware of this up and coming DJ. She’s originally from Detroit but has been living in Atlanta building her own identity as one to watch. Sometimes it feels like black women playing techno/house are few and far between but its artists like Ash Lauryn that remind us this simply isn’t the case, she’s a talent to be reckoned with and vocally encourages younger artists to do the same. This mix is the perfect prep for our Detroit Party this weekend

tell us about this mix
This mix is pretty much a showcase of some old and new Detroit Techno tracks. Being from Detroit, and being that the festival is coming up in just a few short days I wanted to put some Detroit musical vibes in the air. This mix includes some essential old school Detroit Techno tracks that are synonymous with Detroit and our underground dance music culture.

when did you start djing?
I got some gear about 3 years ago, and was a bedroom DJ up until last summer when I started playing out at local clubs.

first gig
My first gig was at a gay club called Heretic here in Atlanta…I didn’t fuck up, and people danced…all in all a successful night!

favorite party ever played:
I throw a party called Expressions w a good friend of mine that I’d have to say is my favorite party to play. I love having creative control over the night, and being able to play whatever the I want.

fave DJ:
Kai Alce without question, I feel like I’ve evolved musically watching him DJ over the years.

fave producer
DJ Aakmael, Larry Heard, and Patrice Scott, you can do no wrong with these 3….thank me later!

pet peeve when djing
Random dudes asking me to “teach them to DJ”…sigh.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
That I’m inspiring. <3 place you’d like to play?
NYC and London come to mind first, but pretty much all around the world!

something you want everyone to know about you
I’m here to help preserve the roots of underground dance music, which in case you forgot, are American and Black…

DISCWOMAN 23 x Juana


So excited to announce Juana as our newest DW roster addition, since we played with her in DC on inauguration weekend she hasn’t left our minds and we’re so stoked to be bringing her thunderous techno to our crew permanently. As a core part of the Washington DC techno crew Sequence, she’s currently a steering force of DC’s sound and scene. We asked her to do our latest mix ahead of our party in Detroit May 27th, where we’ll be slamming a lot of techno in the genre’s birth city. Cant wait, check out her Q&A and mix below!

tell us about this mix
Wanted to bring a feeling that was a good balance of aggressive and carnal, and also melodic. That’s my favorite sound. Hope it worked.

when did you start djing?
The Bronze Age. Bed/livingroom since 2000; in clubs since 2002.

first gig:
First pretty big one was Club Red in DC with my brother Sam Burns. I used to spin mostly deep house with techno sort of snuck in here and there. I remember dropping “Hi-Tech Jazz” by Galaxy 2 Galaxy and “Flower” by Soul Dhamma (King Britt’s remix) and feeling that first serious connection with the floor; it really hooked me.

favorite party ever played:
So far all my Sequence gigs. Love my crew and everything they’re getting done for proper techno heads in the DMV. Also opening for Pan Pot was pretty sweet.

fave DJ:
You’ve heard this before: Way too many. But I will say that Carlos Souffrant has my heart eternally. In my disco life, it’s all about Sadar. Favorite local DJ: Ron Jackson all day.

fave producer:
Always have Frankie Knuckles, Patrick Adams, Jamie Principle, Mike Dunn, and Lil Louis in the rotation in some way. Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, and Gary Beck, too. He/at, I HATE MODELS, Emika, I/Y, Petter B, and HYSH? are super apeshit to me currently.

pet peeve when djing
None really. We all get annoyed but I can roll with any crazy shit outside of a power outage.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
“I usually hate this music, but you’re alright.”

place you’d like to play?
Some kind of space station. Communicate with our overlords. We’re very close you know.

something you want everyone to know about you
Why yes, I am quite mysterious. lol

DISCWOMAN 22 x Adam R.


If you’re not familiar with Papi Juice, they are NY based part Queer POC collective that host regular parties in Brooklyn and have grown immensely becoming a invaluable home for those it aims to center. Adam R. is one of Papi’s founding members and resident DJ, who opened our Discwoman anniversary this past year with the most soulful set. Nothing changes here, Adam R. spans the genres notably black genres: disco, house, R&B etc with so much heart and attention it’s impossible not to be uplifted by this mix’s spirit and execution.

Tell us about this mix
I wanted to touch on a few different eras of the music I like. Some house, R&B, Soul, Disco. A little bit of everything.

when did you start djing?
I started DJing in college. Probably around 2007. Just small house parties me and my friends threw when parents were out of town. Before that I was making mixes in my room. Just messing around with older soul songs.

first gig?
My first gig at a club was actually an accident. I walked into a dive that a friend of my was DJing and he let me hop on his computer an decks. I was so nervous but it was a great night.

favorite party ever played?
The first Papi Juice was pretty amazing. It was a lot of word of mouth and promo but we somehow managed to pack the house with friends. It was really special because I didn’t expect that kind of turnout. A really magical night and the beginning of so much more.

fave DJ
This is hard because I have so many! Right now I’m really enjoying Baltra. Mike Q is amazing.

fave producer
Kaytranada is always on my phone to listen to.

pet peeve when djing
Requests when I’m trying to create an atmosphere.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Thanks for creating a movement.

place you’d like to play?
California, Belize, Paris just to name a few.

something you want everyone to know about you
Their dancing brings me joy.


DISCWOMAN 19 x Gooddroid


We first had the pleasure of being acquainted with Gooddroid when we booked her during Winter Music Conference last year in her hometown of Miami. Her sounds reflected a sensibility and spirit that didn’t give a shit about the status quo of mostly garbage played by white dude and in turn she delivered a set that carved her own style of variations of club music/house into the WMC fabric. Not to mention she runs her own label Loveless Records whilst occasionally organizing Vogue Balls, one of which our Christine was a judge at last year. This mix is a hypnotic 50 minutes that communicates her musical context perfectly, one that makes a stamp outside of the margins and symbolic of the counter culture Gooddroid is directly a part of creating and defining. This is super powerful transition of sounds that culminates in a rather emotional crashing crescendo. Check out her mix and q&a below :)


tell us about this mix:
this is me showing my *sensitive side*

first gig:
I used to dj at roller rinks when I was in my teens but my first club gig was opening for LTJ Bukem at I/O Lounge in Miami. I’m not the best drum & bass dj

favorite party ever played:
opening for big freedia at bardot was pretty iconic

fave DJ
danny tenaglia :)

fave producer
quest?onmarc currently, a couple of his tunes in this mix

pet peeve when djing
lord have mercy, do I hate when people ask for requests. i’m obviously being paid to do this for a reason, right?

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
DJ EZ told me I had “bare tunes”, the world stood still then

place you’d like to play?
XOYO, hit me up please

something you want everyone to know about you
I am approachable, I swear

DISCWOMAN 18 x Josey Rebelle


I was first introduced to Josey Rebelle after I was sent her RA mix by my friend Phil. It blew me away. Honestly is so empowering hearing a black woman own the music that’s such a rich part of our history but is typically played out by white men. It really changes everything and Josey is changing everything. This mix a brief and impressively in depth, history in music with genres that often get forgotten in the club punctuated with profound political statements that are regrettably so relevant right now. Her cross genre mixing is captivating and tells the story of where’s she’s emotionally at which we all need to be paying attention to. Check out her mix and Q&A below:


A few smashers, a few emotional ones. Listening back, I think I was maybe in a bit of a dark mood when I did this. The world feels fucked.

In my early teens – but I was a very shy bedroom DJ for a long time. My brother taught me to mix on his house and techno collection, and at that time I was also obsessed with hardcore and jungle. But in terms of consistently playing out, it’s probably been around eight years or so.

First time I played out in a proper club setting was when I was at university at a night run by the ‘Underground Dance Music Society’. Every club you could join at uni, like debating or music or whatever, was called a ‘society’. Sounds well posh, doesn’t it? I’m the least posh person in the universe.

At the risk of sounding like a cliched name-dropping dickhead, I’ll say that playing Panorama Bar really was the most incredible thing ever. I was so happy, I felt like I was having an out of body experience or something (and, no, I wasn’t on anything!).

Ah, there are so many. But I will hijack this question to say that I love and respect the entire Discwoman crew so much. I can’t think of many other crews that I’ve felt such a strong affinity with. Big up your chests.

Larry Heard. Ah, Larry, Larry, Larry …

I don’t really get annoyed all that much. Probably me annoying myself by being incapable of putting my records back in their sleeves neatly. I’ve noticed that DJ Stingray is incredibly efficient at that. Maybe he can teach me.

I’m quite possibly the worst person at receiving compliments. I just get all embarrassed and change the subject quickly. But there are lots of lovely people who say nice things when I play out or do radio.

I’m forever craving a dark basement with a red light.

Every time you take a photo of me, I die a little.


1 SMBD – Message 0316 
2 System Olympia – 8
3 [Angela Davis – from Women, Race, And Class]
4 Indo Tribe – I’ve Become What You Were (Insider Mix)
5 Lone – Vapour Trail 
6 Ikonika – Stick Shaker
7 I-F – I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less
8 Machine Woman – 10.08.15
9 DANNN – Radio Rip
10 James Mason – Free
11 J.J. Fad – Supersonic
12 Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
13 DJ Overdose – On the Silver Globe
14 Aquarian – Hydropulse
15 Tony Phorse & Sheik – Gravel VIP
16 DVA [Hi:Emotions] – ALMOSTU (ft Rae Rae & Roses Gabor)
17 Loose Ends – Symptoms of Love
18 Brassfoot – Master Bait

DISCWOMAN 17 x Barbie Bertisch


I think I first got to know Barbie Bertisch when her and her partner Paul Raffaele invited me to be on their radio show at Red Bull Studios, where we drank a lot of whiskey and vibed over their music choices and my own. They both run the the reputable underground magazine Love Injection which has become one of the finest representations of the Brooklyn underground. This mix is sublime, with sounds that are very new and refreshing to our mix collection. A therapeutic blend of genres I don’t know how to describe which are so soothing especially in this time we’re in. Check out her Q&A and mix below! -Frankie

tell us about this mix
It came together as a sort of close-out to a pretty tumultuous 2016. I wanted the hour or so to reflect the last 12 months of my life ran through a smoked-out room and big sound. Recorded in one take, no records or CDJs were harmed during the making of this mix.

when did you start djing?
​At friend’s basements in 2015. Long nights into longer mornings with the best crew of people.

first gig:
​I want to say it was the launch party for Love Injection’s first issue. Must have been February 2015 at Battery Harris. A night of converging of crews, new friends, and lots of great music.

favorite party ever played:
​So many… Each is special for different reasons. Highlights of 2016 include opening for Lovefingers at Black Flamingo, for Lindstrøm at Good Room, and for Eli Escobar at Bossa. ​

fave DJ
​DJ Harvey forever and ever. ​

fave producer
​​I couldn’t pick one. There’s too many talented people out there.

pet peeve when djing:
​Requests for top 40 or attempts to have a full blown conversation. ​

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Headliner telling me how much they appreciated the opener playing good music, applause included, which was real cool. ​

place you’d like to play:
​Anywhere, everywhere that will have me. Brilliant Corners and/or Spiritland would be real nice, too.

something you want everyone to know about you
Spanish is my first language and my English absolutely fails me when I’m tired. If we run into each other and I can barely make sense, you now know why.


Paolo Dossena – Voices [CAM]
In Flagranti – Mini Sell [Codek]
Blackbelt Andersen – Tyrkisk Pepper (Dolle Jolle remix) [Full Pupp]
Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes remix) [Turbo]
Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Mr. Raoul K Transformation) [Rainy City Music]
Auntie Flo – Daabi [Autonomous Africa]
Books – Feel It In My Bones (Feat. Zodiac) [XVI Records]
Tensnake – Freundchen [True Romance]
Red Rack’em – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger [Bergerac]
Robyn feat. Mr. Tophat – Trust Me [Smalltown Supersound]