DISCWOMAN 16 x Jayda G

Photograph by Farah Nosh
Photograph by Farah Nosh

First learned about Jayda G at our first event at Smartbar Chicago then she played our show on the Lot Radio. To put it simply Jayda G is the energy the scene needs and needs more of. Her affection and adoration of music is fully present in all of her sets which are house, soul and disco inclined. Check our her mix and Q&A below. Jayda G is life, she rules.

tell us about this mix
All my mixes are done using vinyl made live (no Ableton). This mix is no exception. Also, it’s a one-take mix so listeners are getting an honest DJ set. All house. All tracks that I love.

when did you start djing?
2012 I think? That’s when I bought my first set of decks anyways.

first gig:
Good lord! At this little bar in Vancouver in the Gastown area. No one came expect my best friend and some people who just happened to be at the bar that night.

favorite party ever played:
Dublin back in July last year. It was an Out to Lunch party and the Dip crew played before me. It was such a special night. I was super moved by the love in the room.

fave DJ
To many to pick

fave producer

pet peeve when djing
When some touches the mixer when I’m playing.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Someone came up to me after a set and said that what and how I played made them feel like they could truly be themselves

place you’d like to play:
Everywhere! Its all about spreading the love

something you want everyone to know about you
That I am myself – not trying to be anything else

DISCWOMAN 15 x Serena Jara

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.18.25 AM

Serena Jara is exactly who you should be fucking with. Her relatively new adventure into DJing has become an essential vehicle for her to champion space for trans women in our New York community and the world. This mix is a reaction to violent masculinity in its many forms, and intertwines the highest BPMs with vocal messages ensuring to empower those who relate to her experience and for those who don’t: to listen up. Our first mix of 2017 is one to politically act upon as we enter this dark year, Serena’s mix gives us valor and strength to do so. Listen/read below

tell us about this mix
for this mix i was channelling a lot of dark energy from many of the bad experiences i had last year. i wanted to make something for other weird abrasive scary girls who feel pathologized by the world. I have seen a lot of my sisters and myself deal with some of the most fucked up situations recently, there is so much weight that trans girls carry behind our resting bitch-face expressions, or eyes rolling in the backs of our heads in disgust (lol). the songs are a lot of industrial music i grew up with mixed with early 2000’s hardstyle, breakbeats, and bitchy female vocals. but part of it too is tapping into the more sensitive side of this aggression i’ve been feeling, something i have been trying to bring to nightlife thru transgirl empowerment events, such as the party i started with Maya monés: “the girls room”.

when did you start djing?
about 1.5 yrs ago

first gig:
was at trophy bar. unfortunately i don’t go back there anymore after an altercation with security and 1 of my friends

favorite party ever played:
one of the best parties i played was maybe richard kennedy’s first kwik party, it got so packed so fast and a great energy in the room. the last dagger before the old spectrum closed was cool. also i had a lot of fun playing at idapalooza in tennessee with quay dash/special interest/haram/precolumbian last summer, what a cute mess ahahah (mostly)

fave DJ
dj bb bryn barnett, dj br0nz3_g0dd3ss currently

fave producer
lately i have been into cryptolect, via app, and prist (RIP<3) to name a few. also ashley breathe is an amazing producer and makes all her own beats, so good

pet peeve when djing
venue fucking with my levels.

what’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
recently someone told me i had a great energy at a party and it was so nice to hear, since i have heard increasingly often lately that i’m intimidating. i have no concept of what energies i’m giving off honestly, but this makes me kinda sad.

place you’d like to play?
sex club

something you want everyone to know about you
since i started going out when i was 19 i never got over the anxiety or awkward feelings in nightlife.. anytime i see space being made for the girls i feel like it’s so important to keep showing up at parties and repping the team, whatever that means

intro by kibz selcuk
cryptolect – behold
nasenbluten – feel discipline
überdruck – turntable junkie (überdruck mix)
xemnas x letres2k – doom blade
[x]-rx – industrial rave revolution
camille jones – the creeps (fedde le grand mix)
frankie bones – trip on azid
voodoo and serano – cold blood
riton – rinse and repeat ft. kah-lo (ase manual mix)
überdruck – bloody slut (überdruck mix)
rozay labeija – interlude ft. keijaun thomas
powerman 5000 – when worlds collide
dj arne L II – RIP
false witness – dip don (dubbel dutch mix)
dtc – tigroutek
quay dash – feelings
ashley breathe – my pussy needs milk (interlude)
britney spears – slumber party ft. tinashe
air max 97 – hounded
david caretta – system
yasmin gate – adrenaline adrian canzian black mix
no light – god centered
ayria – friends or enemies rotersand mix
bulma – suicide season
nadia oh – jump (out the window)
rye rye – wassup wassup crookers mix
prist – kakc
uffie – hot chick
lords of acid – scrood bi u
princess superstar – coochie coo felix da housecat mix
elysia crampton – the wish ft. angelica
orgy – social enemies
rules – sorry rewire
velvet acid christ – slut