We Tie Dyed Discwoman & TechnoFeminism Shirts Just For You

Because we love coming up with ideas that are time consuming, we decided to tie dye some shirts for y’all. Not only our usual Discwoman logo but also a Technofeminism shirt to pay homage to UMFANG’s and Beta Librae’s night at Bossa Nova Civic Club.

In order to guilt you in to spending 40$ on one of these LIMITED EDITION shirts, we took pix to prove the labor we spent doing it. There are only 24 shirts for sale and each one is different.








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I met Abby at Tandem Bar (RIP) initially bonding over biscuits and gravy, nguzunguzu and Total Freedom. Abby’s mix for Discwoman is lit. Upon first listen made me rip my clothes off and run around my apartment. Can’t wait to reunite in Detroit for an epic DW showcase.


when did you start djing?
5 years ago i started to dabble in Detroit.   Didn’t start doing it seriously until 2013 maybe (s/o to DW boss Christine for my first NYC gig!!!)  I also made my first ‘mix’ when i was 8 and still have the CD 😉

first gig?
An art opening for my friend in Detroit .. Dj’d as ‘DJ Abby Wabby’ ha ha.  That night was crazy… If you’re my friend and i trust you i’ll show you the horrible promo video

favorite party ever played?
I dj’d a Dagger party at spectrum (RIP) and it was the most insane 4 hour Dj sprint of my life .  My set was from 430-830 am & there were people there going crazy til the very end.  Once the sunrise started to come through the skylight i played way more chill stuff that i love like cocteau twins & this mortal coil .. very rare that you will see me dj ‘calm’ music.  it was a very magical (and exhausting) night

fave DJ
i have two favorite DJ’s for two very different sides of me .. if i wanna relax or study or whatever, I always listen to any mix made by Ramzi.  If i wanna rage and embrace crazy Abby I go straight to Jikuroux from Sydney’s page.  Have yet to see Jikuroux live but i pray that changes!

fave producer
i got to spend two weeks playing shows w/ Air Max ’97 and he has the most insane & impressive secret stash of tunes and bootlegs i’ve ever seen.  He also shared so much helpful abelton & production knowledge with me that he taught to himself so I have eternal respect for him as my producer sensei

pet peeve when djing
Last time I played in NYC they had the entire sound system plugged into one janky ass loose power strip and I kicked it within 5 min of my set and shut every thing down . Really killed my mood !! Keep loose cords away from me please I am very clumsy

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
i dont know!!!  i’ve encountered so many nice amazing people that have made me feel wonderful…. but the funniest compliment for music i’ve ever heard was this youtube comment I jus read on some detroit rap song that says: ‘every body I fuck tired of this song……’ my new goal is to produce something that makes somebody want to say this to me

place you’d like to play?
In the middle of Times Square on a giant revolving DJ platform with all of the mega screens in my control

something you want everyone to know about you
My mom saw nine inch nails live while she was pregnant with me I think it explains a lot





Yaeji came to our attention through her fire set at The Lot Radio recently, then discovered that she is part of the Godmode crew (our office neighbors), then we asked her to do a mix and this shit is healing, spiritual and includes a Sisqo sample so we’re in love. She plays UMFANG and Beta Librae’s Technofemnism party on Thursday. Check out her and Q+A:


When did you start DJing?
I started about 3 years ago at the WRCT radio station.

where was your first gig?
It was at a venue called Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh that sadly no longer exists :'( I was spinning off of Traktor on my laptop and had a wrinkled piece of paper filled with notes for transitions.

favorite party ever played?
One at a small record store in New York called Village Music World. At one point I dropped Jessy Lanza’s Kathy Lee and everyone started singing along!

favorite woman dj
SOSUPERSAM is someone that really inspired me when I started djing. She’ll always take up a special place in my heart.

best record you’ve ever bought 
So tough!! Since I only get to share one, I’d have to say Mall Grab’s Alone EP on Shall Not Fade. There’s not a single Mall Grab jam that I haven’t enjoyed.

how would you define the term discwoman?
Discwoman is a term that’s shaking the music scene’s comfort zone.

pet peeve when djing
An inevitable one is when i’m too short for a booth and require something to stand on.
A totally not inevitable one is when people have song requests.

do you dance when you dj?
Yes!! I can’t help but move when I hear any danceable sound in any given context. I’m also learning more and more to enjoy myself while on stage just as much as I want my listeners to.

can you dj when wasted?
Yes and no. I definitely feel like i’m having my best set when I dj drunk, but listening to the recorded mix afterwards always suggests otherwise.

what’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Someone told me that I remind them of when they first listened to Björk in high school! It was hard to believe!

place you’d like to play?
At Cakeshop back in my hometown, Seoul :)

something you want everyone to know about you
Music is the most inclusive language of all—I’ve realized this over and over. I really hope music continues to be the way i find others and others find me.

[Listen] Discwoman Mix 03 by Jasmine Infiniti


Jasmine Infiniti is a non binary trans person of color artist and DJ who was born and raised in the Bronx and now resides in the Bay, they are an integral part of the New York vogue house, House of Infiniti . This mix is a hype 30 minutes of beats and sounds that makes us feel positive, forward thinking and all about the future.  They’ll be playing our party this weekend in Oakland. Peep their quick Q+A below:

When did you start DJing?
Spring/Summer 2015

First gig in the bay:
New World Dyorder’s second party at Crate in Downtown Oakland. A party called .WAV .

Favorite party ever played:
I have two fave parties for two separate reasons; one where a bunch of ppl came (Quay Dash and Scorpion Warrior also played) and my computer had a seizure, I literally pulled songs out of my ass. Another, where I did an amazing set but nobody was really at the event but I had a blast playing for the few people who showed up. It was one of my most fun sets at Qilombo and I didn’t think to record it so it was like an awesome lived experience.


Favorite DJ
Venus X, I briefly interned for her and helped out with finding dope music, even then she was someone I really looked up to as an artist and just straight up go getter. I also have been inspired by people like Honey Dijon.

Best record you’ve ever bought
Fiona Apple, “When the pawn”. Paper Bag was my favorite on that. It just really spoke to me at the time, I was very angsty, and young.

“Pet peeve when DJing”
When people interrupt to chat me up when I’m trying to mix. Like it’s actually really hard to carry on a conversation.


Do you dance when you DJ?
I totally dance when I mix, I love music, I love to dance and it helps me keep on beat. But sometimes I get carried away.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
That I was a goddess and that it felt as though I put a spell on the dance floor.

Place you’d like to play:
I’d like to get the chance to play somewhere dark and scary, like a dark club in Berlin or totally contrary like a giant beach party in Ibiza.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
That through music I have finally found a sense of belonging, and a way to express myself to the world and that I am thankful.


[Listen] Discwoman Mix 02 by Dhra


Photo by mariah tiffany

San Francisco based DJ Judy Li aka dhra, gave us this magical and energizing mix to help celebrate our debut party in San Francisco. Peep her quick Q+A below:

When did you start DJing?
About 4 years ago but started playing out regularly a year ago.

First gig in the bay?
Breathe, a bass music night at Milk Bar on haight street in 2012.

Favorite party ever played:
Brouhaha in Oakland during summer of last year, it was one of the first times I’d go to play a full vinyl set and the energy of the music and crowd was really feeding off one another.

Favorite woman DJ:
Helena Hauff – her impeccable selections and technical ability makes her someone I really respect. Also, someone else who’s not necessarily known for her DJing but whose skills I find equally impressive as her music is Bjork.

Best record you’ve ever bought:
I finally got my hands on the shinichi atobe’s butterfly effect recently and I can’t stop playing it.


How would you define the term Discwoman?
Any musician who identifies as female as a social construct. As someone who grew up in the 90s, I also find this to be a clever play on the ‘discman’, which challenges preconceived notions of gender in dance music and society as a whole historically. If the discman is a relic of the past then discwoman is paving the path for a more equally represented present and future.

Do you dance when you DJ?

Can you DJ when wasted?
I can but i would prefer not too, just a bit buzzed is good for me.

Place you’d like to play:
Anywhere and everywhere with a good sound system, crowd, and vibe!

Something you want everyone to know about you:
Special thanks to T. Vivien, Rush plus, Bedouin records, and Project 13 for letting me showcase their forthcoming material in this mix.

Dhra will be playing alongside UMFANG, Volvox and Jaqi Sparro this Friday at F8 for our debut showcase in San Francisco.


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.40.18 AM

Industry Women II invites local youth to participate in electronic music workshops, performances, and a panel discussion on women in electronic music with guests from various facets of the industry, moderated by Discwoman co-founder, Frankie Hutchinson. The afternoon includes a DJ set by BEARCAT and a live set by Via App.

Founded by Emma Burgess-Olson, Frankie Hutchinson, and Christine Tran, Discwoman is a New York-based platform, collective, and booking agency—representing and showcasing cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent that are often underrepresented in many scenes of electronic music.

A nostalgic re-gendering of the popular portable CD player, the name Discwoman is a nod to the transformative power of feminist collective action.