DISCWOMAN 19 x Gooddroid


We first had the pleasure of being acquainted with Gooddroid when we booked her during Winter Music Conference last year in her hometown of Miami. Her sounds reflected a sensibility and spirit that didn’t give a shit about the status quo of mostly garbage played by white dude and in turn she delivered a set that carved her own style of variations of club music/house into the WMC fabric. Not to mention she runs her own label Loveless Records whilst occasionally organizing Vogue Balls, one of which our Christine was a judge at last year. This mix is a hypnotic 50 minutes that communicates her musical context perfectly, one that makes a stamp outside of the margins and symbolic of the counter culture Gooddroid is directly a part of creating and defining. This is super powerful transition of sounds that culminates in a rather emotional crashing crescendo. Check out her mix and q&a below :)


tell us about this mix:
this is me showing my *sensitive side*

first gig:
I used to dj at roller rinks when I was in my teens but my first club gig was opening for LTJ Bukem at I/O Lounge in Miami. I’m not the best drum & bass dj

favorite party ever played:
opening for big freedia at bardot was pretty iconic

fave DJ
danny tenaglia :)

fave producer
quest?onmarc currently, a couple of his tunes in this mix

pet peeve when djing
lord have mercy, do I hate when people ask for requests. i’m obviously being paid to do this for a reason, right?

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
DJ EZ told me I had “bare tunes”, the world stood still then

place you’d like to play?
XOYO, hit me up please

something you want everyone to know about you
I am approachable, I swear