DISCWOMAN 22 x Adam R.


If you’re not familiar with Papi Juice, they are NY based part Queer POC collective that host regular parties in Brooklyn and have grown immensely becoming a invaluable home for those it aims to center. Adam R. is one of Papi’s founding members and resident DJ, who opened our Discwoman anniversary this past year with the most soulful set. Nothing changes here, Adam R. spans the genres notably black genres: disco, house, R&B etc with so much heart and attention it’s impossible not to be uplifted by this mix’s spirit and execution.

Tell us about this mix
I wanted to touch on a few different eras of the music I like. Some house, R&B, Soul, Disco. A little bit of everything.

when did you start djing?
I started DJing in college. Probably around 2007. Just small house parties me and my friends threw when parents were out of town. Before that I was making mixes in my room. Just messing around with older soul songs.

first gig?
My first gig at a club was actually an accident. I walked into a dive that a friend of my was DJing and he let me hop on his computer an decks. I was so nervous but it was a great night.

favorite party ever played?
The first Papi Juice was pretty amazing. It was a lot of word of mouth and promo but we somehow managed to pack the house with friends. It was really special because I didn’t expect that kind of turnout. A really magical night and the beginning of so much more.

fave DJ
This is hard because I have so many! Right now I’m really enjoying Baltra. Mike Q is amazing.

fave producer
Kaytranada is always on my phone to listen to.

pet peeve when djing
Requests when I’m trying to create an atmosphere.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Thanks for creating a movement.

place you’d like to play?
California, Belize, Paris just to name a few.

something you want everyone to know about you
Their dancing brings me joy.