DISCWOMAN 24 x Ash Lauryn


We first heard about Ash Lauryn through our friend Aloiso, and so thankful for being made aware of this up and coming DJ. She’s originally from Detroit but has been living in Atlanta building her own identity as one to watch. Sometimes it feels like black women playing techno/house are few and far between but its artists like Ash Lauryn that remind us this simply isn’t the case, she’s a talent to be reckoned with and vocally encourages younger artists to do the same. This mix is the perfect prep for our Detroit Party this weekend

tell us about this mix
This mix is pretty much a showcase of some old and new Detroit Techno tracks. Being from Detroit, and being that the festival is coming up in just a few short days I wanted to put some Detroit musical vibes in the air. This mix includes some essential old school Detroit Techno tracks that are synonymous with Detroit and our underground dance music culture.

when did you start djing?
I got some gear about 3 years ago, and was a bedroom DJ up until last summer when I started playing out at local clubs.

first gig
My first gig was at a gay club called Heretic here in Atlanta…I didn’t fuck up, and people danced…all in all a successful night!

favorite party ever played:
I throw a party called Expressions w a good friend of mine that I’d have to say is my favorite party to play. I love having creative control over the night, and being able to play whatever the I want.

fave DJ:
Kai Alce without question, I feel like I’ve evolved musically watching him DJ over the years.

fave producer
DJ Aakmael, Larry Heard, and Patrice Scott, you can do no wrong with these 3….thank me later!

pet peeve when djing
Random dudes asking me to “teach them to DJ”…sigh.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
That I’m inspiring. <3 place you’d like to play?
NYC and London come to mind first, but pretty much all around the world!

something you want everyone to know about you
I’m here to help preserve the roots of underground dance music, which in case you forgot, are American and Black…