DISCWOMAN 26 x mobilegirl


mobilegirl is our first international DJ to join our roster y’all, grew up in Munich but resides in Berlin, this mix marks her first ever time playing in NYC. She treats us with a 45 minute taster of sounds including some of her own fire productions that will leave you nothing short of enthralled. Check out her mix and Q&A below!

tell us about this mix
I wanted to make a mix that is most representative of what I’ve been playing as club sets over the years but using new tracks. I usually tend to put together really different things when I sit at home and work on music because I’m really affected by my direct surroundings and this applies to my own productions as well that you can hear towards the end of the mix. Some parts are quite playful but overall I feel like it paints the right picture.

when did you start djing?
I think summer or fall of 2014

first gig:
It was a b2b with Mechatok in a small club in Munich where we both properly tried out CDJs for the first time.

Favorite party ever played:
This is a tough one, there’s been so many. I think the whole Asia Tour has been my biggest highlight so far.

Fave DJ:
Noone smashes hot cues like Kablam and she’s been really supportive from very early on. Playing b2b with her is always the most fun and taught me a lot.

Pet peeve when djing:
Sticky cue buttons and loose link cables

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Someone told me listening to my music helped them through hard times. That really made me feel like doing all of this has a greater purpose. Same as when (South) East Asian women tell me they’re happy to see me perform because they barely ever feel represented otherwise.

Place you’d like to play:
I skipped Japan on the tour that I mentioned before so definitely that.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I love Chinatown