DISCWOMAN 28 x Mor Elian


Tel Aviv born and raised, Mor Elian has been rising on up in the past couple of years as a producer and DJ steering the LA scene with her Into the Woods parties. She has stepped outside of her comfort zone and proves her versatility on this mix providing us with the vibiest experimental mix that we’re currently and happily lost in. Take some time out of your day to ease that anxiety with these recuperating sounds.Mix and q&A below :)

tell us about this mix
I was very excited to do this mix knowing discwoman as being so diverse and open to many different backgrounds and styles of music, so i went in a slight more different direction this time, but still very much my direction. I recorded it at the basement of sameheads, berlin.

when did you start djing?
My first public gig was in 2006 when i was a wee person in tel aviv, but it was pretty weak. in the next few years there was very few and far in between. then i took on djing fully and seriously when i got a residency at a friends night in silver lake in 2010.

first gig:
I would consider that silver lake gig the first because from that point i became more devoted to it, but i prepared for weeks and i cared soo much and was so nervous. it was my us debut. all my gigs before that were in tel aviv, my hometown. my friends were all there and we were all excited and i got a nice dancefloor going. i’m pretty sure i did allot of things “wrong” but ignorance is bliss, i enjoyed every sec of it.

favorite party ever played:
Well i love my party i have going back in LA “Into The Woods” but aside from that playing “PAG” in Tel aviv is incomparable experience to other things i did. its the longest going Gay party in Tel aviv (i believe over 15 years) and its still one of the best nights there. its rammed, its diverse, people go hard till noon the next day. its so colorful and people go all out on costumes. diversity is so important in parties.

fave DJ:
ahh thats a tough one coz theres so many. Harvey is def up there with I-F.

fave producer:
i love aleksi perala allot. and larry heard!!!!

pet peeve when djing:
when i cant hear myself properly in the booth. sometimes im worried its my old rave ears.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten:
someone came up to me last weekend and said that i kept him on his toes as he didnt know what was coming next and he enjoyed that. i liked how he observed it. i didnt do that intentionally.

place you’d like to play:
kinda impossible in this realm, but i would love dj the clubs and raves i used to go to as a teenager. I didn’t think i would be a dj even tho i was already collecting records.. would be so cool to travel back there and do it.

something you want everyone to know about you:
i think i gotten 3 mosquito bites while writing this interview sitting in my apt in berlin. oh also i have a jewelry line its called MYRRH Jewelry.