DISCWOMAN 29 x Deena Abdelwahed


First heard about Deena Abdelwahed after her label reached out to us out the blue, I took a listen and was completely captivated by her productions. Deena grew up in Qatar to Tunisian parents and now resides in Toulouse, she was just pegged as one of Resident Advisor’s “Breaking Through” artists. Her techno which is influenced by traditional Arab music, defies all definitions of what techno is and should be, expanding our understand of what this genre is and music in general. And this is exactly what this mix does: restructures musical norms and places us in whole new world of varying plays on genre and varying tempos. – frankie

Check out her Q&A & Mix below

tell us about this mix
I had great parties this saturday until sunday afternoon. I didn’t sleep for more then 24 hours. There is something called a “descente” in french, it causes you sad humor after you had fun and after being extremely happy. So I tried to translate how I feel in this mix.

when did you start djing?
2013. I don’t remember which month but I did a warm up for a World Full Of Bass event. It is a collective of Tunisian DJs who are into Dub and Bass music

first gig:
2014, In an event called Arabstazy before it transformed into an artist collective. It took place in Paris. I had good critics after that night.

favorite party ever played:
Lately in Tunis at Yuka Club. For a festival called TUNES. It was also my birthday and my friends were with me. I had a lot of fun.

pet peeve when djing:
When a track is running out of time and I still didn’t find the next one.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten:
I don’t know why but I can only remember critics! the crowd dancing to my dj set is the best compliment.

place you’d like to play:
I would like to play in eastern Europe cities. Very curious to see how young people dance and have a good time there.

something you want everyone to know about you
I am lazy, especially in this right moment! I got to get myself together…I have an album to write!