DISCWOMAN 32 x Ariel Zetina


Been obsessed with Ariel Zetina’s selections for a minute now, residing in Chicago and one of the leading DJs within the Chi underground scene she’s been helping to redefine that landscape which often gets reduced to a dude club. The beauty of this mix is in its variety that blends so seamlessly you become part of a riveting journey. It’s evident Ariel spends quality time listening to music as all of the tracks sounds so fresh and energizing, reflecting her spirit. Check out her Q&A and mix below :)

Tell us about this mix:
This is a club music mix. something like you would hear if you were to hear me play in Chicago. Cross genre but I always focus on trying to still create a flow. Lots of tracks from my friends who live in Chicago or used to or pass through often…Cae Monae, Thoom, Club Politix, Him Hun to name a few but a lot of dope producers are on here!

when did you start djing?

I started in 2013, not seriously til 2014. I was producing music before that for a performance art group I was in (WITCH HAZEL) and I started experimenting with deejaying because of that.

first gig:
I played a Little Mermaid themed party called FISH at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago summer of 2014.

favorite party ever played:
My deejay daddy Hijo Pródigo organized this party called FUNCTION in his basement with all b2b sets last summer at a time when a bunch of DJs were passing through Chicago…it was a house party so there was a lot of house music (and some of the craziest kuduro I’ve ever heard from Adzua & Laz Flores) and because it was just a party for friends and because we were playing collaboratively the trust and willingness to take risks was in the air.

fave DJ:
That’s so hard :) Nkisi. But also let me take a moment to shine a light on some of the girls I work with: Pollination Tech (crazy industrial), Jasmine Infiniti (like, every set I see is just completely gag worthy), Itsï (just the craziest but somehow most lovely pieces of music you’ve ever heard)

fave producer:
The same people :) Nkisi, Itsï, Club Politix, I’m obsessed with the Mhysa album, Nidia Minaj, K-Hand will always be techno queen, Thoom’s EP on Club Chai was insane this year, basically all the people I included in this mix.

pet peeve when djing:
When people request 90s rap and they actually mean early 2000s.

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
My friend Michael Pusey told me that when I play I know how to interrupt the dance floor and make people listen. I think that for me has always been an effective tool in getting people to face a concrete reality in an otherwise unreal environment- tracks like Linda Labeija’s “Urgency” have really changed the dancefloor in my sets because it very clearly sheds light on the violence enacted towards trans women of color without breaking the flow of a set so much that the listener/dancer is lost.

place you’d like to play:
Rihanna’s World Tour :O DM me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to but I would love to play in Belize where my family is from.

something you want everyone to know about you:
I come from a background in writing (plays and poetry). Not sure if a lot of people who know my music know that about me- IE- don’t expect you’re gonna do the art you think you’re gonna do.