DISCWOMAN 33 x DJ Voices


One of the founding members of rising Brooklyn DJ collective: Working Women, DJ Voices has been instrumental in directing the Brooklyn underground in a progressive and inclusive direction also working as a booker at Sisters. All of her mixes have been met with praise and this one follows suit, so refreshingly funky and energizing. It’s evident by the scope of this mix that she’s digging deep and keeping us all on our toes! Mix and Q&A below :)

tell us about this mix:
I worked on this mix for almost 3 months before I even knew where it would go. I found that I had something I needed to say that I hadn’t been able to say during many of the sets I’d been booked for. I made it with records & a few usbs in my living room and as with most of my mixes, it took months for this to achieve its final form, especially since I have the scrappiest DJ setup that I know of. But we work with what we got!

This version was recorded the week after I closed a Level Party following Courtesy’s headlining set. I had never closed a party before and also had never played at 5am, and was really inspired by the challenge. A lot of people told me they had never heard me play like that before. There’s some techno, electro, of course some house, and some other less-definable moments. This is my “don’t put me in a box” mix.

I’ve titled it “party people change the world,” which is a line from one of the tracks in the mix. It’s half tongue in cheek and half completely sincere. I don’t think it needs more explaining than that but I did want to highlight that here. I try to tell a story every time, hopefully people listen to the mix in full for that reason =)

when did you start djing?
Not very long ago! Had a false start in 2013 but I really lacked in confidence. I didn’t start taking it seriously until around two years ago.

first gig:
Pretty sure the first was this time in a kitchen above Silent Barn with Antenes and Patrick Russell. I was playing with a dj partner, and I was too afraid to mix records in front of everyone so I made him do it. Technofeminism was an early one too =)

favorite party ever played:
Probably the Courtesy/Level party I mention above. I thought I played pretty alright and received nice feedback after. There was a lot of anticipation in the air leading up to the night. But more significantly the best part was that I really surprised myself and others, it seems. That felt nice. I shed a few happy tears when I got home after the party at 9am. It was a really affirming experience.

fave DJ:
Avalon Emerson!! Some of the most inspiring DJ sets I’ve witnessed in a long while, hands down. Mike Servito, who I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like to these days. Too many friends to name. The other members of Working Women: Ashlyn, Nina, & Nicely.

fave producer:
Terrence Dixon and Pal Joey are formative for me. Lately I’ve been going through all of DJ Swingsett’s productions and it’s been mind-blowing. I especially love his collaborations with Lisa Shaw.

pet peeve when djing:
terrible monitor setups. really tall dj booths. people talking over the monitors in the booth. turntables set up battle-style. and of myself: when i’m being impatient (with myself).

what’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
Some one once told me I really have my own sound. That’s a baseline standard but also a really nice thing to have some one point out.

place you’d like to play:
Right now I’m really drawn to the idea of playing somewhere relatively off the party map that seems to still be renown for being a great dj/dancing experience. Hot Mass in Pittsburgh is my answer to this question lately. Slightly less off the map, but it seems like there’s really amazing things happening in Seattle right now too. Also, some one recently shared a live recording from Larry? in Japan. It’d probably be really amazing to play that party.

something you want everyone to know about you: