When did you start DJing?
I started DJing in 2006 when, as a young go go dancer. I decided I was tired of bothering the DJ with a million song requests. I thought I could do better.

First gig in NYC?
It was at The Flat, which I booked myself! I figured nobody was going to ask me to play anywhere so I went ahead and got myself a bi-weekly night there. John Barclay came to one of my first parties at The Flat and invited me to do a night at Bossa Nova Civic Club which I have held monthly since then.

Favorite party ever played:
My favorite party would have to be Bloodfeast, it’s a Boston Halloween party that I have played for the last 4 years or so..epic club, pounding industrial music and the most amazing costumes I’ve ever seen, year after year! The $1000 costume prize really gets those creative juices flowing.

Favorite woman DJ:
Alientata from Berlin. She specializes in acid music which is really refreshing in a sea of gear-bros.

Best record you’ve ever bought:
It’s crazy to choose a best record but one I really love is Analogue Man’s Fulfilled Ambitions LP from 1994. I bought in Detroit from a guy at Underground Resistance headquarters. It’s 4 slices of killer acid, I pull this record nearly every time I play out. Analogue Man- Bubble Man

Pet peeve when DJing:
I would have to say my biggest pet peeve while DJing is people waving drinks around in the booth, I’m always amazing by how careless people are around DJ equipment. Even other DJs.

Do you dance when you DJ?
I dance A LOT while DJing, I am in my happy place and I hope that my energy will get the crowd going as well!

Can you DJ when wasted?
I can mix no matter what, sometimes being a little (or very) loose helps me feel where the set needs to go without over thinking it.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
A couple people have told me I’m their favorite DJ in NYC. That makes me smile!

Place you’d like to play:
I’d like to play a warehouse party, though lately they’re few and far between. I have so so many booming techno records that never get proper use!