When did you start DJing?

First gig in NYC?
With my Good Kids brothers at Home Sweet Home, at our weekly party.

Favorite party ever played?
Probably a Powrplnt benefit party at Bossa Nova a few months back – I was running on no sleep after shooting a video for three days straight and made the wildest set I ever have, and got to DJ for my sis Kay Rizz.

Favorite woman DJ
There are so many…Venus X, Juliana Huxtable, Asma of Nguzunguzu, A E Zimmer, Jubilee, Uniique, SHYBOI, Compton Chic…not to mention all the girls singing and rapping, making music too– Lafawndah, Kelela, Kay Rizz, Rahel, Jungle Pussy, Princess Nokia just to name some highlights. It is a very inspiring moment in music out here right now!

Best record you’ve ever bought 
It is a little hard to remember buying a record.

How would you define the term Discwoman?
My good friend Thurmon recently said – “I probably just have fear of mortality and I just want to make things that make people move, which is like the opposite of dying.”

Pet peeve when DJing
Do not ask me to play Aviici.

Do you dance when you DJ?
How can I not?

Can you DJ when wasted?
I’d rather not.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
People who I am inspired and motivated by say the same of me – it has happened in a few transcendent ways.

Place you’d like to play?
Most places, but right now I want to play in London and more rooftops, in general.

Something you want everyone to know about you

I run a record label called DOOM DAB and you can hear my mixes here :)