When did you start DJing?
2 or 3 years ago

First gig in Montreal:
February 2013, r.i.p afterparty spot called The Fall

Favorite party ever played:
Notsuoh in Houston in winter 2013

Best record you’ve ever bought:
Spontaneously I’d say Comme à la radio by Brigitte Fontaine and Chicago Art Ensemble is memorable for me, maybe not THE best but one of the heaviest in term of inspiration

Favorite woman DJ:

How would you define the term DISCWOMAN?
Wavy, curly, power

Pet peeve when DJing:
No sub

Do you dance when you DJ?
All the time

Can you DJ when wasted?
I am better when wasted.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
«You’re on some real shit dude»

Place you’d like to play:
Missy Elliot’s private mansion v.i.p pool/spa section party?

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I produce beautiful music, check it out.