Interview with A/K/A AND DURIO: 2/3 of Singapore’s women DJ collective ATTAGIRL! Playing W Hotel FOR DISCWOMAN July 8, 2015

When did you start DJing? 

A/K/A: I learned a couple of tricks from friends and took a short little course when I was 17, but I properly started Djing in 2012 when I joined the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp in a month long program founded by some of the best female DJs in Singapore.

DURIO: End of 2012

How did ATTAGIRL! come about?

A/K/A: We all met at the bootcamp, Serene (Durio), Shy (Jaydah) and I (AKA). A year on after that, Serene and I were catching up over drinks, and thought perhaps we should start some project together following up from our FFF mentors. We thought to start parties to encourage girls to get creative together and pulled Shy in. The rest was history.

First gig in Singapore:

A/K/A: The FFF Bootcamp graduation party. It was held at the Wine Bar in Zouk, the oldest, and one of the best clubs in Singapore.

DURIO: FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp graduation bash

Favorite party ever played: 

A/K/A: I haven’t played many big gigs, but I got my first opportunity this year to play Beats and Beyond with party promoters Good Times and Singapore label Darker Than Wax. Nothing feels better than playing with people you really respect, and for friends who truly support and enjoy your selection.

DURIO: ATTAGIRL! parties! And a memorable one in Malaysia where i DJ for a charity event on a rooftop in an old heritage street filled with people.

Favorite woman DJ: 

A/K/A: B.Traits, Annie Mac, Ikonika, Mary Ann Hobbs, TOKiMONSTA, Maya Jane Coles, Singaporean DJs Reiki and Angela Flame.. Some of the few that I love for different kinds of music.

DURIO: I have big love for my talented ATTAGIRL! partners, and many Singapore based DJs. Besides that, current fav will be Ikonika and Madam X.


Photo of A/K/A

Best record you’ve ever bought: 

A/K/A: This is so hard. But ok, I’ll go with Underworld’s live album Everything Everything. This was the one that started it all for me in 2000. It still brings back a lot of memories.

How would you define the term DISCWOMAN?

A/K/A: Innovation, progression, fun.

DURIO: Discwoman bring girls together through music (Just like ATTAGIRL!).

Pet peeve when DJing:

A/K/A: When people come up and say I should play something more “trancey”, “fist-pumping”, “less boring” or anything else. It’s rude, we aren’t just entertaining you, at least make a polite request instead of demanding music as if the whole club belongs to you.

DURIO: No drinks.

Do you dance when you DJ?

A/K/A: I guess! I move a little, haha.

DURIO: Depending on how much drinks i’ve had.

Can you DJ when wasted? 

A/K/A: I tried, and I wouldn’t recommend doing that too often.

DURIO: Better then ever!

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

A/K/A: From a DJ in Tokyo who listened to my set on dublab.jp and said it was so enjoyable and I should be playing for one of the most respected bass nights in Tokyo. My heart swelled.

Place you’d like to play: 

A/K/A: Anywhere that has good people and good vibes.

DURIO: NYC (Dream come true!), Berlin, London, Tokyo, any parts of the world!

Something you want everyone to know about you:

A/K/A: I really like instant noodles. Just don’t eat too much of that though, you might lose all your hair :)

DURIO: I’m in love with the coco..nut drinks!


Photo of DURIO