Photo BY Nieto Dickens

When did you start DJing?
I started djing in 2010.

First gig in Puerto Rico:
My first unofficial gig back home was at Café 103 in Río Piedras. Very fun night.

Favorite party ever played:
Too many to even pick one!

Favorite woman DJ:
Tokimonsta, Nina Kraviz, Maya Jane Coles, Aurora Halal, Tamara Sky and Louisahhh!!!

Best record you’ve ever bought:
Wiseblood- Motorslug

How would you define the term DISCWOMAN?
A movement of real badass girls, who aren’t scared of going hard behind decks and are driven by music and nightlife.

Pet peeve when DJing:

Do you dance when you DJ?
Always. It’s more of a ‘foot tapping-head bouncing’ kind of dance.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
I was djing at Bossa Nova one night, and someone left a note that said “You’re set was sick.” That was pretty cool.  He did disappear after leaving the note on the mixer. Where in the world is ‘The Note Writer’?

Place you’d like to play:
Berlin. Ibiza. México.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I love playing and making music more than anything in the world, and I love being able to share this with people. I’m currently working on my EP, under the moniker Lola Pistola, due this summer.