When did you start DJing?
Technically I started DJ’ing in 1998. I was a little baby raver then and only ever DJ’d in exchange for a 6 pack and party favors. I started DJ’ing as a career in 2008.

First gig in NYC?
An after party at a loft on Jane Street about 13 years ago.

Favorite party ever played?
Old school Booby Trap!, Dick & Fanny (UK) and supporting The Knife in LA on their last tour. Things went beyond levels.

Favorite woman DJ
Just one? Can I say two? Ellen Allien and Venus X.

Best record you’ve ever bought 
I don’t think I can answer that! But one of the most influential would be Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

How would you define the term Discwoman?
A woman who knows the past and future of music.

Pet peeve when DJing

Do you dance when you DJ?
Like a queen lip syncing for her life.

Can you DJ when wasted?
I’ve definitely done it.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
As a DJ, I guess “thank you”. A man ran up to me one year during LA PRIDE with tears in his eyes saying “I can’t believe you’re playing all these old tracks. You’re taking me back to my club days in Manhattan in the 1980s. You’re giving me life girl!” He thanked me, kissed my hand and shimmied away.

Place you’d like to play?
I’d love to play at Berghain again.

Something you want everyone to know about you
I also write and compose music.