When did you start DJing?
4 years ago

First gig in Puerto Rico:
A private party

Favorite party ever played:
A party in Old San Juan called “Baldechú”

Favorite woman DJ:
Karin Dreirjer, Mamacita and Tokimonsta.

Best record you’ve ever bought:
I don’t have a specific one.

How would you define the term DISCWOMAN?
It is lIke, “THIS woman”.

Pet peeve when DJing:
When people ask requests.

Do you dance when you DJ?
A lot! My hair is all over the place.

Can you DJ when wasted?
Yes. Of course.

What’s best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
“te quiero poner como me pone tu música”

Place you’d like to play:
For me it’s not about the place, but the people and the party itself. Specially in Puerto Rico where there isn’t a specific venue and all of them modify it’s ambience a lot.

Something you want everyone to know about you:
I’m very distracted and I also have ADHD and some dyslexia. Also, I like to share the music that I like.