Akua (pronounced “ah-kwee-yah”) is a Ghanaian-American DJ raised in Los Angeles, currently based in Brooklyn. Since relocating to Brooklyn in 2015, Akua’s quickly developed a following for her confrontational, high-octane style of DJing. She finds inspiration in the roots of North American techno with a particular focus on the harder, more direct and freakish strains of ’90s Midwest and New York rave music. Akua’s DJing is an exercise in controlled chaos, traversing from wonky acid techno, to frenetic and funky hardcore, to hypnotic and sublime trance and beyond. She also curates a monthly party with Doxa, School of Hard Trax, which has developed a core following for its commitment to booking artists who traverse the dimensions of gritty old school rave and forward-thinking club music.  In 2018, Akua established herself as a singular force in the NYC techno world, playing to packed dancefloors at notable parties including Unter, Technofeminism, Gardens, and Hot N Spicy. She’s also been turning heads outside of NYC, with shows in cities including Montreal, Philadelphia and Boston, and even a headlining slot at Hot Mass in Pittsburgh. Akua’s unbridled and boundary pushing sound can be heard in her mixes for Daisychain, SIREN on NTS Radio, and Discwoman, which received the Mix of the Day designation from Resident Advisor. Through DJing, Akua aims to helps others connect to their inner narratives and find clarity by harnessing their personal power and channeling it into the power of dance.