Juana (the artist formerly known as Brdhs) is so house. Birthed from a tribe of opera singers and children of the soul mother from the universal vibrations of the earth spirit, Juana grew up on a steady diet of smooth jazz, jheri curl funk, los discos, and prog rock, which shaped her sensibilities immeasurably. She began collecting records at age 4 and stealing tapes and CDs from Tower Records at around 14. Juana has been a DC staple since 2004. 2016 and 2017 opened up many new avenues for Juana, joining forces with numerous local heavy hitters in DC, playing the Acid People party series with the likes of Ron Jackson, Damon Bradley, and Tsurugi. Juana also recently linked up with TechnoFist, Void Archive, and Select DC as part of the quickly growing Sequence party series, on opening duties for Detroit’s BMG, and getting muy loca closing for Discwoman (Volvox and Umfang) and Tommy Four Seven. She’s also had the good fortune to open up for the likes of Rick Wade and Kai Alce, Stefan Goldmann, and Pan-Pot, plus play a couple times at Brooklyn’s famed Chevy Nova Pizza Club. (Right) Photo by Hannah Russell.